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25 Mart 2010 Perşembe

Werther Germondari

Werther Germondari
Rimini, Italy, 1963

Graduated in Art & Performance at the Bologna University and at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. Interested in innovative experimental dynamics that are neo-conceptual and situational, characterized by a taste for the ironic and surreal, Germondari has experimented for 25 years through many different expressive media (from painting to installations, photography to film, videos to performance). He has been invited to participate in many important international group shows and his works have also been shown in solo exhibitions, where he focuses on hidden elements highlighted in styles.

2004 03:15 DVD

"Bending down on himself, wearing a traditional working suit (not as ambitious as that of a white collar) Werther Germondari begins a sterile working circle/circuit miming an empty and repetitive work action. Sterile the worker, sterile the operator (...) . Using a rhyme game, close to the irony hidden within the linguistic references and double meanings of Germondari, we could define “tragic” the story around which the character in OFFICE revolves. Loving repetitive performances, the artist stages the physical and mental constraint of a situation that finds the reaffirmation of its identity, within its total vacuity and social acknowledgement". (Federica La Paglia)

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