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28 Mart 2010 Pazar

Silvio De Gracia

Silvio De Gracia
Born in Argentina (1973).

Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is professor of History and Socials Sciences. He is writer, visual artist, performer, video artist and independent curator. Since 1996, he has been directing Ediciones El Candirú, which has published several books and magazines on experimental art. At present, he directs and edits the international magazine of mail art and visual poetry HOTEL DaDA. His theory production includes articles and essays that have been published in specialized magazines and in different websites. He is author of the book “Aesthetic of disquietude”, a theoretical text about the interferencia, his innovative concept of performance art in Latin America. He is organizer, theoretical and researcher of performance art.
He is organizer and founder of International Video Art Festival PLAY, in Argentina.
Founder of HOTEL DaDA Action Art Group and director of VIDEOPLAY Project, a curatorial instance of interchange with festivals and events devoted to the diffusion of video art and action art.
He is member of International Staff of Canadian magazine Inter art actuel.

2008 43 DV

A playful and ironic exercise about the elimination of the ego.

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