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25 Mart 2010 Perşembe

Alberto Magrin

Alberto MagrinAlberto Magrin was born on Dec 29th 1970 in Rapallo (Genoa-Italy).

He studied architecture at Genoa University.
He won a study grant with the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro at Urbino University and later began a theatrical experience. He received the prize Libertas for visual art and literature from Honorable Ferri, Member of the European Parliament near Italian Academy "Gli Etruschi" and in Turin collaborated to the foundation of the Scientific Association Gustavo Adolf Rol with the aim to demonstrate the victory of the man over the time through the individual attitude of the spirit. In the meantime he has been awarded with the title of Associated Academic of Verbano by the International Academy Greci-Marino for the letters, arts and sciences. He founds the Cultural Association of Digital Art "Onda". 2007 International Prize of Literature and Poetry "New Letters" from the Italian Institute of Culture in Naples.
With a series of donations he made a proper world net of gallery denominated by him self “Magreen Gallery” which is a work of art, are really located in a public situation in which case eliminate every source of gesture and control in there personal work.
Prevision and symbol of “eternal nothingness” of this project which represents the falling and the rebirth of the modern era.

Mary's House
2001 Digital video 3,00 min.
God is water, Mary swims in the water. Symbol of the immovable motor, the heart.

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