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25 Mart 2010 Perşembe

Agricola de Cologne

Agricola de Cologne
I was born in 1950 in Black Forest (Southern Germany)

independant media artist, New Media curator and founder of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork] - the experimental platform for art and New Media - operating from Cologne/Germany

1969-1991 Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts
1971-1974 Munich University
1974-1978 Rijksakademie Amsterdam
Since 1989, the artist realized several collaborative and media related art works
1989-1993 Founder of ARCHA Society Foundation- a temporary non -profit organization/cultural exchange between Western and eastern Europe
As the director of ARCHA, Agricola organized several international conferences and cultural projects in Germany and Poland.
Since 1994 working with New Media
Between 1995 and 1999 realisation of the Memorial Project

[R][R][F] Festival
Agricola de Cologne site

Orfeo Negro

2006 04:20 DVD , miniDV

Filmed on the performance festival Interferencias in Junin-Buenos Aires/Argentina and Retiro railway station Buenos Aires in 2005, the video takes a performance by the Argentine artist Vera Baxter as the basis for a contemporary interpretation of the “classical” ORFEO NEGRO”, which is converting the film document not only to a metaphor for the artistic process of an action, but also to a new artwork.

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